Enough Is Enough

May 26, 2023

Are you at the end of yet another week where you worked more hours than you wanted to, you’re feeling exhausted, and realizing that you haven't taken a moment for yourself?

TGIF, right?!

And maybe you’re excited for the weekend, but also feeling like you have little energy for much else and already worrying about the work you think you *should* do on your personal time to catch up.

Deep down, you know this pace isn't sustainable. And you want to be more balanced and present in your life.

But you don't know what you could possibly take off your plate or how to still be effective at work if you were to slow down the pace or keep boundaries.

People assume that you must put in the long hours to be successful, but the truth is that you simply cannot be the best leader (or parent) you can be when you're feeling exhausted and spread thin.

Even if you are already recognized as a high performer, I guarantee you are not operating at your highest level and you will eventually hit a wall.

(We all hit a wall at some point).

So, you can wait to hit the wall and have your “enough is enough” moment. Or you can decide TODAY . . .


Here's the thing, you have a choice.

You can continue to "succeed" like everyone else who is spread thin and exhausted, or you can decide to find a different way to be successful.

One with more focus, calm and presence.

To work less, but contribute in a deeper way. To own your day and take back control of it.

To shine in a whole new way.

But when you're overloaded and overwhelmed, knowing where to start can be challenging.

How do I know this?

I had my own “enough is enough” moment a few years ago.

And made a pretty big shift in how I approached my work and boundaries (DURING the most demanding time in my corporate career).

And guess what? I not only got time and space back for my family and personal time, I performed better, led stronger and even got a promotion.

Working WAY less hours.

This is what I want to help you with too!

Imagine for a moment that you felt accomplished wrapping up your work week and could really enjoy and be present for your personal time?

Let me show you what's possible for you.

Book a call with me here: Balanced Leader Clarity Call

You have little to lose, and a whole lot to gain. Remember, enough. is. enough.

All my best,

What Next?

Wherever you are on your journey, I'm here to support you in the way that works best for you!

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Stacey L. Olson is a Leadership and Certified Positive Psychology Coach, has 15 years of corporate experience and has gone through her own transformational change from burning out to balanced in life while performing at a high level (both in her corporate career and own business). She works with professionals who want to work less, live more and be their best even with all the demands, high expectations and messiness of everyday life. Stacey is the founder of The Balanced Leader™ program and offers executive and leadership coaching, workshops, and speaking. 


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