What clients and others are saying

Executive Consultant

“Working with Stacey has been life-changing. I have learned a lot about myself and have become so much clearer in what I want out of life and what I need to do to show up how I want every day. The intention and mindfulness I've cultivated through her Balanced Leader Program have made me more self-aware and better able to navigate moments of overwhelm when they arise.

I am coming to work more energized and focused, and am leaving work more peaceful and present at the end of the day. By aligning my decisions and behaviors with my values, I am able to find more grace, patience, bravery, and a greater sense of fulfillment at work, at home, and personally.

Stacey is truly a master of her craft and shows up with unparalleled kindness and authenticity. She is approachable, thought-provoking, and insightful. If you feel like there's a better version of your best life out there and you're ready to dig deep and put in the work, I highly recommend connecting with Stacey and the wonderful community she's built."

Project Lead

“Working with Stacey has allowed me to learn how to prioritize my most important work, build boundaries around my workday and since working with her I’ve felt less overwhelmed and more productive in my days.

I came into the program needing to find a way to not have work “suck the life out of me”, and now I can say I have energy into the evening to deal with my family life as well. The content/advice/coaching Stacey gave will last with me for the duration of my career and spill over into my life. I highly recommend The Balanced Leader!”


“I am cultivating a new understanding of what success means to me, to ensure that I am able to deliver great job performance, but also personal balance and satisfaction.

I signed up to work with Stacey at a time when my work schedule was getting the best of me, leaving little time for my family, friends or myself. Through her program, I developed a series of tools that help me prioritize, delegate and rethink approaches to my “to-do” list.  The was an investment in my own well-being and I would recommend it to anyone who is finding that the imbalance in their life is too much. Although it will always be a work in progress, she has put me on a path that feels good.”


“If I had tried to navigate and support my team through this difficult time with the pandemic, the way I was operating a few months ago, I am certain that I wouldn’t have shown up as my best for them like I am now.

When I first started, I was feeling so off-balance with life. Now, I feel so much better! I am far more balanced, I feel calmer, and I am way less overwhelmed in my day. This allows me to see more clearly the things that matter the most and focus my time and energy on those things, and I feel proud of myself and what I have done each day. I am not carrying things with me and am now able to enjoy my home and family time.”


"I was hesitant before joining The Balanced Leader program that taking on another commitment would be too much. I am now much better at saying no; honoring my boundaries and commitments, not overcommitting, recognizing where and how I provide the most value, and delegating things that don't need to be done by me; I am more present with the people I care about and care less about what people think about me. My general satisfaction and happiness has increased (and I've noticed my thoughts have shifted to "I love my life"). I no longer try to do it all and am more loving and kind to myself. It was well worth the commitment. This is suitable for anyone struggling, feeling overwhelmed, lacking confidence."

Keely Wight
Executive Director, Non-Profit Organization

"It gave me MORE time and energy and made my days less frantic!

This program is for any leader who wants to develop more self-confidence, tap into more self-awareness, and also develop their resilience so they can show up as the best versions of themselves, not only for their teams, but for themselves personally and for all the important relationships in their lives. I'm very grateful I participated in this program."

Tyler Koyl
Senior Leader

"Stacey's coaching sessions are a complete departure from what I expected. Instead of the typical "What is wrong with you?" or "What can I help you fix?" approach I have seen with by managers and mentors in the past, these sessions immediately began to focus on "What are you good at?" and "What do you value?". This laid the foundation for identifying what I want from meaningful career, and also life in general. 

With Stacey's help, I've been able to take strategies and make them actionable to reduce my overall stress levels, and this has made me more effective at work and keep my personal and work balance in check."


"The workload is consistently high and we are always expected to do more with less. When faced with the pandemic and additional challenges that led me to experience high anxiety for the first time, I searched for a program to reduce my stress and anxiety, improve my leadership skills and performance, and contribute to my best for work and for my family. I enrolled in
Stacey’s Balanced Leader program. The content itself led to numerous insights for me, which I could unpack further during the coaching sessions which was very valuable. This enabled me to be more focused, effective, and strategic while reducing employee overwhelm and high stress, bringing out the best in the team and fostering high engagement-all of this I have achieved, and more!"

Senior Performance Analyst

"I highly recommend Stacey and her Be At Your Best program. Stacey's approach is kind, caring and practical, and the program builds lifelong habits and skills.

She is someone who clearly cares about the success of others and understands how demanding the corporate world can be and what is possible. I’ve shifted my mindset in a very short period of time from a place of frustration and fear to happiness, confidence and courage. This has not only been a benefit to me, but the people around me. It has helped me tremendously to achieve results when it comes to improving difficult areas at work and in my personal life. Of all the professional development courses I have done, this was definitely one of the best!"


“I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to make a positive difference in their personal and/or professional life.

Stacey provides insights to help understand why we do the things we do, think the way we think and act the way we act. She provided the questions and tools for me to work on what I wanted to change and focus on what matters most to me! What a difference this has changed in how I show up every day.”

Senior Director

"My biggest transformation from coaching with Stacey was this: you do not need to compromise who you are and what you value to be successful in your career.

It’s so profound and simple. This one takeaway has given me such confidence in the way I lead and show up at work and with my family.”

Kellie Garrett

"I had the pleasure of working with Stacey in the corporate world at FCC, where she was a stellar portfolio and project manager. She was viewed as a high-potential employee and was leading the Enterprise Portfolio Management Office when she left FCC to follow her passion, which is bringing out the best in others through coaching. As a seasoned coach and consultant, I am proud to be a mentor of Stacey’s. She is intelligent, perceptive, warm and deeply committed to helping clients with transformational change. I highly recommend her!"

Team Leader

"I didn’t have the time for the program as my schedule was chaotic, but I just did it!

It allowed me to re-evaluate priorities, choose how I want to show up in my day and in my life, and I implemented many things that helped me and my team keep calm and focused during a very busy and stressful time.

Stacey is kind and compassionate and is rooting for you throughout the process. It’s been a fabulous experience and I continue to keep the practices engaged in my daily routines and have a much more positive outlook than when I started. Anything is possible!"

Valerie Watson
Partner, Deloitte Canada

"One of the areas of focus as I worked with Stacey was to find ways to deal better with challenging individuals. What I discovered working with Stacey was amazing.

When following her ideas and suggestions both myself and the other individuals walk away feeling better about the whole situation. It's been a real “aha” moment for me."

Manager, Government

"One of the biggest results I have had (and there are several) is realizing that I have a choice each day and, in each moment, how I think and react to situations in my work and home life.

This is very empowering. One other great thing I learned from Stacey is to “start acting like the person you want to be right now”. The Be At Your Best program is great for anyone who is looking to improve their performance at work, get clarity on their goals and set a good balance between work and home life to see joy and fulfillment each day. It will also help those who are managing people as it brings out the importance of relationships and positively influencing others. I learned many things that I have implemented into my everyday life."

Brad Storm
Vice President, Information Technology and Security, and CIO, SaskPower

"Leveraging both her perceptive interpersonal skills and her strong leadership abilities, Stacey was able to partner with members of my leadership team and constructively identify and address foundational divisional issues within a relatively short engagement. I found Stacey to be a beacon of positive outlook and a convicting example of what success can look like when one pursues the important instead of just the urgent."

Executive Director, Government

"It’s one thing to be told how to be a good leader, it’s a whole different ballgame to actually be a good leader.

Working with Stacey through the group program helped give me the awareness and mindset to understand why I made the decisions I was making, what was holding me back, and what I could do to push myself forward.

This program has provided me with a ton of tools and strategies to be a more effective leader, but better yet, it has taught me how to put those tools and strategies into action.  I’ve been so much more aware of the thoughts in my head and how I can shift those thoughts to create a better result. I also really enjoyed working with a group and really appreciated the different perspectives and insights from around the table. Overall, a great experience!"

Change Management Consultant

"I’ve learned that there is a different way you can do work and life. Stacey showed me that balance is possible, yet you have to be focused and intentional about choosing it.

Choosing to work differently and see my world differently is still a work in progress but the times I’ve made an active choice have felt so right. It sounds simple or small but it’s been powerful for me. I am making choices that bring more in line with living my values every day. You really have to want to change to be able to internalize and practice what Stacey teaches, yet I believe the results are so worth the effort."

Ashley Hamilton
Saskatchewan Young Leaders

"Our committee had the pleasure of welcoming Stacey Olson as a guest speaker in our Leadership Series webinars. Stacey’s presentation was incredibly well done. She scaled the event to our time constraints, and easily connected with our audience even through technology, which can be a challenge for some. Her presentation was organized, to the point and easy to follow with some great takeaways. Our audience absolutely loved it, and the only negative feedback we received was that they wished it had been longer. I would highly recommend Stacey as a presenter for anyone looking to develop the leaders in their corporate setting."

Academic Chair

"Working with Stacey and the Be At Your Best Program has been transformative. I knew I wanted to step into my leadership position with clear boundaries, clear values, and a clear vision on who I was and what I wanted to accomplish in this role.

  It felt overwhelming to achieve before I joined. To be able to bounce ideas, scenarios, and situations off of Stacey was an incredible way to work through and grow through my challenges. What was once an overwhelming thought, turned into doable action items that felt GOOD. Through Stacey's gentle and compassionate approach, she transformed my ability to move into a growth mindset; and this is where the magic happened for me. If you are wondering if this program is right for you, stop overthinking it and just DO it! It doesn't just impact your work life, it transforms your ENTIRE life."

Director, Federal Government

"My hesitation before I signed up for the Be At Your Best coaching program was that I wasn’t sure I could carve off the time required to commit to this course. It took two weeks for me to realize that in order to be the leader I wanted to be, I needed to care for myself more and dedicate time to learning. I have a better appreciation for what my priorities are when at work. I have stopped chasing a zero email inbox and started carving off time to think and act on real priorities for my team and the company I work for. I think this program is great for leaders with direct reports, as they often under-appreciate the importance of creating space for them to think, pick important tasks over answering emails and demonstrate value for their company."

Academic Chair, Educational Institution

"Change, tighter deadlines, more work - I felt like I wasn't leading anymore, I was only managing issues. It seemed like I no longer had the time or energy to do anything else. By chance, I saw some information about "Be at Your Best," and I noticed that Stacey had a unique perspective about how I could choose how I wanted to lead. During the first week, she encouraged me to revisit what was important to me as a person and challenged me to make choices based on my values. It was hard work, but well worth it. Over the following weeks, Stacey coached me to strategically develop ways to transition towards being the leader I wanted to be. The best part is, I can use what I was taught! There are still peaks and valleys in my role as a leader, yet now I have the tools to manage them.

I would recommend you consider working with Stacey. Don't settle for anything less than to "Be at Your Best."

Scott Elash, PMP
Business Systems Consultant, Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation


"Stacey has the skills and personality required for professional coaching to allow you to reach whatever your career goals are personally or for your organization.

Seeking a deeper insight into where I should take my career journey next, Stacey guided me through a process inspiring and pushing me to reach the next level of my career development and plan. She established an environment for open dialogue and introspection required to truly uncover how I could grow and develop my career. This experience has provided me new insight and perspective on how my business strengths can be capitalized on and where my career journey can take me for long term success and satisfaction."


Executive Director

“This program went beyond the traditional leadership training. It’s one thing to be told how to be a good leader, it’s a whole different ballgame to actually BE a good leader (especially in stressful situations). 

Since starting this program I’ve just been so much more aware of the thoughts in my head and how I can shift those thoughts to create a better result. I also really enjoyed working with a group and really appreciated the different perspectives and insights. Overall, a great experience!”

Marnel Jones
Communications Manager, Mosaic

"Stacey helped me work on a common managerial challenge - giving timely and helpful feedback to a direct report.

She provided great insight and supplementary materials that gave me a structured approach to improving this important managerial skill. Her positive attitude and thoughtful nature make her a great coach. She has the ability to get me to use my experience and strengths to problem solve and lead with confidence."


“I’ve been able to execute things with the right priority and a clear mindset, and I am no longer feeling overwhelmed (even though I am full).

I’ve been present for my team and balanced family time as well. I feel so strong and that I can accomplish anything. You (Stacey) are always helping everyone improve while you live your best life.  I have grown so much working with you.”