More Balance,
Less Stress and
High Performance

Want to discover how to be at your best
even with all the demands and expectations?


There is a better way to be successful than what we've been taught or told all our lives. 

Being busy, overwhelmed and working long hours, while sacrificing your well-being and family time, is simply not necessary.

In fact, it's keeping you from being your very best and the success you desire most.


Possibilities become realities when we shift our thinking and habits. Through the choices we make each day, we are reinforcing or removing the limits of our personal success. We can choose to change our thoughts and behaviours, rather than spinning our wheels or simply settling for the way it is.

It starts with an understanding that our resilience, happiness and well-being — positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and achievement — fuel our performance and success. 

Because it is really hard to be your best when you are feeling overwhelmed and running on empty, scattered and pulled in so many directions, or always feeling worried about letting someone down.

It's building skills like resilience, mindfulness and focus that are needed more than ever in a fast-paced changing world. While you might not be able to control what's happening around you, you do have control over how you think about it and respond to what's happening.

You always have a choice.

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Stacey L. Olson is a Certified Positive Psychology Coach and experienced corporate leader who went from 'close to burning out' and struggling to balance her career with her husband and three kids, to thriving no matter the circumstance.

She now works with busy corporate leaders who want to slow down, feel less stressed and be more balanced, so that they can perform even better, lead even stronger and enjoy life fully!


Certifications & Features


Imagine if you could be at your best at both work and home, WITHOUT all the overwhelm, worry and working the long hours...

Connect. clarify. create

Leadership + Executive Coaching

Dedicated, one-on-one coaching to shift your thinking and behaviours to be more resourceful, positive and resilient, and achieve what you want most in your professional and personal life.



the balanced leader

The Balanced Leader Membership is designed to transform leaders to be less stressed, more balanced and thrive no matter what's happening around them.

Create stronger boundaries, focus your time and energy, calm your busy mind, be more patient and present and so much more.


Fostering resilience + well-being

Virtual + in-person Workshops

Foster well-being, work-life balance and resilience in your organization to improve engagement, productivity, relationships and bottom-line results (in-person and online).



speaking engagements

Learn simple ways to shift your thinking and behaviours to be more resilient, positive and balanced, no matter what's going on around you.


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Your complete step-by-step guide to being at your best, for more balance and less stress.


FREE TRAINING: Being Real and Resilient

Discover how busy leaders are navigating daily stressors and setbacks with more ease, confidence and optimism in uncertain times.


FREE THREE PART WORKSHOP SERIES: Discover how to focus your time and balance your life without sacrificing your performance.

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"I have more time and energy, and my days are less frantic"

This program is for any leader who wants to develop more self-confidence, tap into more self-awareness, and also develop their resilience so they can show up as the best version of themselves., not only for their teams but for themselves personally and for all the important relationships in their lives. I'm very grateful I participated in this program.

Keely Wight, Executive Director, Non-Profit Organization

"I found Stacey to be a beacon of positive outlook"

Leveraging both her perceptive interpersonal skills and her strong leadership abilities, Stacey was able to partner with members of my leadership team and identify and address foundational divisional issues within a relatively short engagement. She is a convicting example of what success can look like when one pursues the important instead of just the urgent.

Brad Storm, Vice President, Information Technology and Security, SaskPower

"I’ve shifted my mindset in a very short period of time"

From a place of frustration and fear to happiness, confidence and courage. This has not only been a benefit to me, but the people I work with. Stacey’s approach has helped me tremendously to achieve results when it comes to improving difficult areas at work and in my personal life. Stacey is someone who clearly cares about the success of others and understands how demanding the corporate world can be and what is possible.

Jackie Rorquist, Senior Performance Analyst, 3SHealth

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