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Discover how leaders (at any level) who "have it all" 
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There is a better way to be successful than what we've been taught or told all our lives. 

Being busy, overwhelmed and working long hours, while sacrificing your well-being and family time, is simply not necessary.

In fact, it's keeping you from being your very best and the success you desire most.


Possibilities become realities when we shift our thinking and habits. Through the choices we make each day, we are reinforcing or removing the limits of our happiness and personal success. We can choose to change our thoughts and behaviours, rather than spinning our wheels or simply settling for the way it is.

It starts with an understanding that our happiness and well-being fuel our performance and success. It is really hard to be and feel your best when you are exhausted and burning out, constantly overwhelmed and pulled in so many directions between work and home, or always feeling guilty and worried about letting someone down.

Balance is a strategic move needed more than ever in a world with so many demands and expectations.

It's building skills like focus, confidence, resilience, positivity, and mindfulness that enable balance and high performance. You can enjoy your days way more, perform even better and lead even stronger.

You have a choice. While you can't often control what's happening around you, you do have control over how you view and respond to what's happening. Let me help you see the possibilities and choices available to you to be happier, balanced and successful (even with all the chaos and messiness of life).

Curious to see if we are the right fit to work together?



Stacey L. Olson is a Certified Positive Psychology Coach, has more than 15 years of corporate experience and went through her own transformational change from 'close to burning out' and struggling to balance her career with her husband and three kids, to thriving no matter the circumstance.

She now works with corporate and business leaders at all levels (leadership is a way of being -- NOT your title) who want to be more balanced, stress less and still perform at a high level so that they have the time and energy for what really matters at work and at home, feel less overwhelmed, and be calm and present in their life. You can lead even stronger, perform even better and enjoy life way more!


Certifications & Features


Imagine if you could be at your best at both work and home, WITHOUT all the overwhelm, worry and working the long hours...

Connect. clarify. create

Leadership + Executive Coaching

Dedicated, one-on-one coaching to shift your thinking and behaviours to be more resourceful, positive and balanced, and achieve what you want most in your professional and personal life.



the balanced leader

The Balanced Leader Coaching Program is designed to transform leaders to be more balanced, less stressed, and thrive no matter what's happening around them.

Create bold boundaries, be strategic and focused with your time and energy, calm your busy mind, be more patient and present with the people around you, and so much more.


Fostering BALANCE, resilience + well-being

Virtual + in-person Workshops

Fostering well-being,  balance and resilience in your organization to improve engagement, productivity, relationships and bottom-line results (in-person and online).



speaking engagements

Learn simple ways to shift your thinking and behaviours to be more resilient, positive and balanced, no matter what's going on around you.


Let's get started!

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FREE TRAINING: The secret of how leaders who have it all - great life balance AND high performance - operate behind the scenes

Discover the powerful choices available to you to take back control of your days, have more time and energy for what really matters to you at work and at home, and feel happier, less overwhelmed and more present in your life.


FREE DOWNLOAD: Be At Your Best Roadmap

Your complete step-by-step guide to being at your best, for more balance and less stress.


FREE TRAINING: Being Real and Resilient

Discover how busy leaders are navigating daily stressors and setbacks with more ease, confidence and optimism in uncertain times.


WORKSHOP SERIES: Discover how to focus your time and balance your life (without sacrificing performance)

The January 2022 free workshop event is now complete. Join the waitlist by clicking below for the next time this is offered in 2023.


“Working with Stacey has allowed me to learn how to prioritize my most important work, build boundaries around my workday."

Since working with her I’ve felt less overwhelmed and more productive in my days. I came into the program needing to find a way to not have work “suck the life out of me”, and now I can say I have energy into the evening to deal with my family life as well. The content/advice/coaching Stacey gave will last with me for the duration of my career and spill over into my life. I highly recommend The Balanced Leader membership!”

Jenel, Project Manager

"I've been able to take strategies and make them actionable to reduce my stress levels, and this has made me more effective at work and keep my personal and work balance in check."

Stacey's coaching sessions are a complete departure from what I expected. Instead of the typical "What is wrong with you?" or "What can I help you fix?" approach I have seen with by managers and mentors in the past, these sessions immediately began to focus on "What are you good at?" and "What do you value?". This laid the foundation for identifying what I want from meaningful career, and also life in general.

Tyler Koyl, Senior Leader

"I am far more balanced, I feel calmer, and I am way less overwhelmed in my day."

“If I had tried to navigate and support my team through this difficult time with the pandemic, the way I was operating a few months ago, I am certain that I wouldn’t have shown up as my best for them like I am now. When I first started, I was feeling so off-balance with life. Now, I feel so much better! This allows me to see more clearly the things that matter the most and focus my time and energy on those things, and I feel proud of myself and what I have done each day. I am not carrying things with me and am now able to enjoy my home and family time.”

Kendra, Director

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