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When you build resilience you can feel more calm and in control, have more time and energy for what matters, and see a positive path forward (no matter the circumstance). It benefits you and the people around you.

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About Stacey L. Olson, CPPC

Experienced corporate leader with 12+ years working in progressive positions in large organizations

⚬ A Certified Positive Psychology Coach (CPPC) and trains in leadership, resilience and mindfulness skills

⚬ Incorporates positive psychology and neuroscience into her work with clients and her own life, which are the factors that enable people to flourish and be at their best

⚬ A member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and works as a professional coach with clients from firms such as Deloitte, Mosaic and Microsoft

⚬ Has also gone through her own transformational change from being close to burn out and 'just getting by' as a high performer in her corporate career and (trying to) balance that with her marriage and three kids, to discovering a WAY better way to be successful, happy and balanced.

Works with busy corporate leaders who want to slow down, feel less stressed and be more balanced so that they can perform better, lead stronger and truly enjoy their days!



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