Discover how busy leaders are navigating daily stressors and setbacks with more ease, confidence and optimism in uncertain times

so you can finally feel less anxious, be more calm and present, and have more time and energy for what matters (without sacrificing performance or family)


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Common challenges leaders are facing today are . . .

  • How do you separate work time from home time and keep up the pace without feeling exhausted trying doing it all?
  • How do you manage expectations and continue to perform business as usual in a reality that is highly unusual?
  • How do you best support the people around you who are anxious?
  • How do not burn out when you are busy taking care of everyone else's needs?
  • How do you remain optimistic when there is so much uncertainty?

Demands and expectations are still high, you and your team and family are navigating a "new normal" and doing all this might be causing unwanted and unneeded stress.

Building resilience has a tremendous impact on you and your team's ability to navigate uncertainty, manage expectations and maintain a sense of well-being and performance, especially in times like these. You can be the calm in the storm.

About Stacey L. Olson, CPPC

Stacey is an experienced corporate leader, Certified Positive Psychology Coach and partners with busy leaders who want to slow down, stress less and be more balanced (and still successful in their career) so that they can be the leader they aspire to be, have more time and energy for what really matters, and be more patient and present in their life. Stacey is the founder of the 'Be At Your Best' transformational coaching program and also offers leadership/executive coaching, workshops and speaking. She lives in Regina, Saskatchewan with her husband and three kids, loves spending summers at the lake and a quiet cup of coffee in the morning, and she is a "recovering people-pleaser" who went from burning out to thriving no matter the circumstance.