What If You'll Never Have Enough Time?

Sep 14, 2023

Find yourself feeling behind most days or thinking "I don't have enough time for it all!"?

While those thoughts still creep up for me, they don't have the same power over me or stress me out like they used to.

BUT, this summer I had a realization . . .

What if we just accept the fact that we'll never have enough time!

I talk about the feeling of never having enough time, the power of letting go, and carving out more space in your week in this new video.

My summer 'aha' moments that offer you a perspective about how you can better use YOUR precious time and energy.

Give it a watch here.

Whenever you're ready to take the next step together, send me an email or book a call and we can see if The Balanced Leader™ program is right for YOU.

Or you can share with someone else you know would benefit.

A reminder, the investment goes up on October 1st, so if you've been on the fence about working together, this could be the perfect time to just go for it.

All my...

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White Space Is The New Productive

Sep 05, 2023

This time of year, I take a beat to think about what I really want my Fall to look like with the kids back at school and business in full swing. While still keeping some of the summer vibe!

See last week's blog post for how to keep some of that slower summer pace.

When I think of last year, one challenge was that the kids are now in different schools -- one in high school and one in elementary.

With different schedules, and between driving them, more friends over when they are home (I work from home), and a growing business, it felt like the day was squeezed.

While I still had lots of space outside of work hours, my work days were more full than I like because I was ending them earlier, and there was little room to flex when I needed some downtime during the work day or space to think.

It’s easy to look at that and think – I need to add MORE time to the workday.

But, as I reflect on the season ahead, I long for more spaciousness. Not just in my work but in my whole...

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Keep Some of that Slower, Summer Pace

Aug 29, 2023

September is right around the corner! It’s THAT time of year again when many of us experience the end-of-summer blues, back-to-school rush and ramping up work projects.

I am feeling a familiar unease this week with this transition, knowing that the slower summer lake life is ending and it's back to the busier city routine.

Life just seems simpler in the summer, doesn't it? I used to think this when I was in my corporate career as well.

It’s like there is an unspoken rule in summer that you have permission to slow down for a couple of months.

And then, as September and back-to-school hits, so do the non-stop demands and it’s easy to get overloaded quickly between kids’ activities, projects gearing up and whatever else you’ve got going on.

You get swept up into busy life as summer becomes a distant memory.

But what if it didn't have to be this way? What if you were intentional not to get swept into the "busyness" again?

What if you could keep some of that...

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Time To Switch Gears. How About You? (+ Tips to Disconnect)

Jun 30, 2023

Time for me to switch gears and have some summer fun, relaxation and downtime away from work and the regular routine.

As you head into this long weekend or your summer vacation, give yourself permission to switch gears too.

Do whatever your heart desires.

Take a break.

Get outside.

Rest and relax.

Watch an extra movie or two.

Let the kids have more free time to do what their heart desires.

Leave the house cleaning and errands for now.

Go for a paddle board or whatever gives you joy.

Put your phone away and be present.

Wait until you're back at work to worry about email or the task you didn't get to.

Say ‘yes’ to doing something fun.

Say ‘no’ to doing the thing you don’t want to do.

Let go of the guilt for what you didn't do.

Pat yourself on the back for what you did do.

Stop expecting everything to go smoothly and go with the flow.

Be an example for others by making your personal time a priority.

Enjoy your view.

I'm disconnecting for a few weeks and...

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The Key to Having More Time is Doing Less

Jun 27, 2023

Are you tired of just trying to get through your days and feeling discouraged that you seem to be further and further behind?

When you have too many things that are 'must do's' and it always feel like you're letting work and your family down.

Or perhaps you want to stop feeling the constant pressure to do more and stress from all the time commitments.

So you can feel more balanced and be present and enjoy your time with your kids and a slower pace.

Or maybe you want to get back to being strategic and focusing at the right level at work. Everything feels like a priority, you're in the weeds and you don't have time for it all.

You feel overwhelmed and worry that you're a bottleneck and if you don't support your team when they need, they will have to wait on you.

If only you had MORE time for it all.

Sound familiar?

But here's the thing. The key to having more time is doing less.

And if you want more balance, less stress and to be your best at work and at home, it's time to get serious...

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I Have a Confession to Make

Jun 22, 2023

I help busy leaders and teams to create more balance, less stress and perform at a high level. My confession is that . . .

I don’t actually care about high performance!

Back when I started to make my own big shift in how I was showing up in my life a few years ago.

To stop working all the time, to feel way less overwhelmed, and to be more patient and present with the people I cared about most.

Back when I had my own enough was enough moment, and knew something had to change.

It was NOT because I needed – or wanted – to perform better. I was already viewed as a high performer. I was already effective in my work and as a leader (or so I thought).

So my problem was not that I needed to be better at work. My problem was that I felt like I was missing out on my life.

I didn’t want to be working evenings and weekends, and having little energy, presence -- or patience – left for my family.

I wanted to be at the kids’ weekly swimming lessons or at the...

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The Beliefs that Keep You Overworking and Overwhelmed

Jun 19, 2023

Your mind is powerful and your beliefs (the common thoughts that run through your head) are either helping you or holding you back.

This is a big part of the work I do with clients, helping them to shift their thinking and behaviors to keep stronger boundaries, say no with more ease and step out of overworking and feeling overwhelmed.

To get back to feeling more like themselves and be their best self at work AND at home.

I share below some of the most common beliefs that hold you back and keep you overworking and overwhelmed.

But first, if you're a professional woman and you've been curious about working together, I invite you book a call within the next week to see if The Balanced Leader™ coaching program is right for YOU.

I am currently enrolling clients to start in September. What if you decided now to make a plan so that, after your summer vacation fun, you can finally figure out how to get your workload under control and be more balanced so you can show up as your best...

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Enough Is Enough

May 26, 2023

Are you at the end of yet another week where you worked more hours than you wanted to, you’re feeling exhausted, and realizing that you haven't taken a moment for yourself?

TGIF, right?!

And maybe you’re excited for the weekend, but also feeling like you have little energy for much else and already worrying about the work you think you *should* do on your personal time to catch up.

Deep down, you know this pace isn't sustainable. And you want to be more balanced and present in your life.

But you don't know what you could possibly take off your plate or how to still be effective at work if you were to slow down the pace or keep boundaries.

People assume that you must put in the long hours to be successful, but the truth is that you simply cannot be the best leader (or parent) you can be when you're feeling exhausted and spread thin.

Even if you are already recognized as a high performer, I guarantee you are not operating at your highest level and you will eventually hit a...

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The Power Of Your Mind

May 22, 2023

Last weekend, I ran an organized race for the first time since 2017. My training didn’t quite go as planned for a 10km race and, leading up to the day, I hadn’t run more than 30 minutes at a time.

In the days before the event, it was tempting to let the negative thoughts seep in. "I didn’t train enough", "I can't do this", "I'll be too slow." “I should drop out”.

And it was even more tempting to let those unhelpful thoughts take over during the race. To just throw in the towel and start walking when the tiredness set in (which was pretty early on ).

But here’s the thing. Our mind will go where we take it. And what we focus on, we create more of. And so I harnessed that power.

I intentionally focused my mind and attention on empowering affirmations. "I am a runner", "I can do this". “It’s only X more kilometers and then done”. And one I heard recently at a women's day conference: “Winners never quit, and quitters never...

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Sometimes We Just Don't Know What We Don't Know

May 14, 2023

Sometimes we just don't know what we don't know.

We had a big, sudden thunderstorm on Saturday night in the city. It crazy POURED in a short amount of time.

Which meant we spent our Saturday night sopping up water in the basement!

It came from under the walls and up through the floor.

I rolled up the carpet, shop vacced the water and spent a few hours rotating towels.

And my husband was out of town to add to the fun . I was exhausted!

But thankfully, the rain didn’t last long.

Anytime it is heavy rain, we get some water in the basement, but this was the worst it's been.

The next morning I was talking to our neighbor telling him about my night. He asked why our sump pumps were not working.

“Sump pumps?!” I replied. “We don’t have any!”.

He informed me that the owners before us had three sump pumps! And we learned that they had removed them!

We had NO idea. And have lived in the house for 16 years.

I didn’t even know that sump pumps in the...

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