Take Back Control of Your Days and Life

Feb 03, 2022

There is a lot going on in the world – and likely your life right now – and sometimes it can feel like too much or that you don’t have any choice or that you just need to get through the day (day after day).

But this is your life we are talking about. Do you really want to just get through the day?

Remember, you always have a choice over your perspective, beliefs and actions. These shape how you experience things and where you end up on the other side.

I have a personal story to share today, but first I want you to know that you
 can make small, specific changes in your day that add up to big change.

But to truly transform and change your life, you need to start with a BIG SHIFT.

A big, bold decision that enough is enough and you are no longer willing to settle for the way things are.

To decide that you are not going to sacrifice what matters to you or feel overwhelmed every day.

And instead figure out how to have time and energy for what really matters to YOU in your work and personal life, be calm and present, and experience more joy each day.

To do this, your choices must come from this bigger intention in your life.

Change like this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes consistency, patience and commitment. It takes a different way to show up in your life.

And it is absolutely worth it.

I can confidently say this because, a few years ago, I was burning out, working way too much, and feeling overwhelmed every single day.

I was so impatient and not present with my husband and kids, and constantly feeling torn between my work and rest of life (even though my life was still good).

Now I am thriving, no matter the circumstances (even when I am struggling).

That’s because I have made well-being and balance a priority, I am present in my life and I am making choices that are a reflection of my values and who I want to be.

Like this past autumn, when my mom suddenly became ill.

There was a moment when I had to decide whether to go see if she needed help. She said she didn’t want me to come and that she was fine. But something felt wrong.

I had several meetings and kid responsibilities in the city, so I was not looking forward to a four-hour round trip.

And I could very easily have decided not to go, or go on a different day when it was more convenient.

But, in that moment, I made a choice that was a reflection of my values.

It was not to do what was convenient or easiest, but to be present with the people I love when they need me the most.

I remember the moment so clearly.

So I went. Canceled everything. Turns out we had no idea just how sick she was, and she died three days later. She was only 63. It all happened so fast.

If I hadn’t gone to be with her, I know I would look back at that decision with regret.

And I am certain if I didn’t practice what I preach (and teach), I would have made a different choice. It's a period I have also gone through with calm and grace.

Times like these remind me of why I do what I do.

So, whether it's the big moments in your life or just the small everyday moments . . .

ou have a CHOICE and you are absolutely capable of creating the change you want in your life.

It comes with learning to say ‘no’ . . . so you can say ‘yes’ to what’s more important and what really matters in your work and personal life.

It comes with letting go of worries about what other people think when you honor your boundaries or take something off your plate.

It comes with being present, being kind to yourself, and enjoying your days, instead of getting wrapped up in the annoyances or putting off your happiness to “one day”.

It comes with a decision that enough is enough and you are going to figure it out!

Each day is a new day to take back control of your days and life. This could be the day for you.

All my best,


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Stacey L. Olson is a Certified Positive Psychology Coach and has 15 years of corporate experience. She works with busy leaders and professionals who want to create more balance, stress less, and perform at a high level. Stacey is the founder of the 'The Balanced Leader' coaching membership and offers executive and leadership coaching, workshops, and speaking. 


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