Communicate Your Boundaries More Effectively

Dec 05, 2022

Have you had that moment when you're determined to finally put a boundary in place with your time?

You decide you are going to end work by 5 pm. Or put some buffer time in between meetings. Or add a time block to focus on getting your own work done during the work day.

And THEN the worries creep in!

What will people think? Am I letting my team down by not being there for them when they need me? What if people think I’m being selfish?

We let our fear about what others think become a reason to not follow through, but the truth is that people will judge you no matter what you do.

They might think you’re being selfish or not a team player. They might get upset by you protecting your time. They might also judge you for not speaking up about what you need.

What other people think and do is outside of your control.

What is within your control is your ability to communicate your needs in a way that keeps the relationship strong or at least delivered in a way you can feel good about.

When you have a plan on how to approach things, it gets easier to let go of the worry.

Here is a short video on how to communicate your boundaries more effectively.

Want to watch the entire free training? You can watch it here.

Finally, give yourself permission to better protect your time and energy even when worries pop up. It's okay to be a little more selfish!


What Next?

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Stacey L. Olson is a Certified Positive Psychology Coach and has 15 years of corporate experience. She works with leaders and professionals who want to create more balance, stress less, AND still perform at a high level. Stacey is the founder of the 'The Balanced Leader' coaching program and offers executive and leadership coaching, workshops, and speaking.



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