An Extraordinary Life Comes From Getting The Small, Ordinary Moments Right

Dec 12, 2022

I used to think it was the career, the house and the vacations that made life bigger and better. And they do on a level – more experience, joy and meaning.

But what I’ve learned is that getting the small, everyday moments right is what really makes life bigger and better.

When your kid comes in the room to show you their new favorite TikTok and you stop everything to listen and be present with them.

When a team member comes to you with a concern and show you genuinely care, taking the time to listen and help.

When you’re feeling tired and give yourself permission to take it easy, saying no to something you don’t want to do.

When you listen to that inner nudge that tells you to speak up, trusting your intuition more.

When you hold the door open for someone at the grocery store and do something kind.

When you’re out walking your dog and notice the beauty of nature around you.

When you're feeling frustrated with your kids and you take a deep breath before you react.

When you smile, especially in a room where people could use a smile.

When you prioritize getting a good night’s sleep.

When you send your partner an “I love you” just because.

When you look at the person you are talking to (not at your phone).

When you are kind to yourself when you make a mistake.

When you look for the good every single day, even when life is feeling messy and hard.

Get the small, ordinary moments right and that's when you can have an extraordinary life.

This is one of the ideas I share in my new video on how to navigate work and kids (and the rest of life) with more ease and presence. Watch here.


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