This is 40+3: Life Lessons For More Happiness, Balance and Success (Even With All The Messiness)

Mar 09, 2022

Life offers us little lessons every single day. Are you paying attention?

February 28th, 2022 was my 43rd birthday. When I turned 40, one goal I had was to share forty lessons I've learned so far.

What would I go back and tell my younger self? What are the little lessons I've learned that have fundamentally changed how I lead, parent, and show up in my life?

What could I share that I used to mess up that might offer someone else a new perspective or value?

Well, life happened, and I never got around to it at 40. When I turned 41, I said it would be the year – still didn't do it.

Now I'm just going to go for it, and I am on the hook by declaring it here!

Over the next few weeks, I'll share 40 life lessons + three bonus ones (in random order) and I will update this blog post as we go.

Let's get started . . .

Life Lesson #1: It's never too late to get started!

I have often had goals and aspirations over the years that silently swirled in my head or took WAY longer...

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Your Best Will Look Different on Different Days

Mar 08, 2022

When I find myself unfocused, anxious or not as productive as I *think* I should be in a week, it sometimes seems like a fine line to figure out if I am procrastinating or what I really need is to take a step back and reset.

That’s what happened last week. I was trying to will myself to take action on a couple of projects and get things done (catching up from three weeks of not feeling well from Covid). But I felt like I was making little progress.

Someone asked me a simple question about how I was doing, and, out of the blue, overwhelmed emotions all bubbled up.

I've learned to pay attention to moments like that instead of just plowing through.

Because our emotions are a cue to pay attention and offer us valuable feedback when personal needs are -- or are not -- being met.

What I needed was some space. I ended up canceling a couple of meetings, went for a walk and listened to a podcast that filled me up instead. I made a new list of what was draining my energy and let go of some...

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You Know What Feels Good?

Feb 08, 2022
Ever find yourself all excited about a new habit or change, and then a few weeks (or even days) later you realize you are back into the same old patterns?

You have the best of intentions and try to do things differently.

Maybe you cut back on back-to-back meetings to give you some breathing space to get your work done, but people kept booking up your calendar.

Or you've tried to put a morning routine in place but soon you are back to checking emails or rushing around as soon as you get out of bed.

Or perhaps you love going for walks outdoors, but never seem to find the time because you need to get to everyone else's needs first.

You might think "tomorrow" will be the day, but tomorrow turns out to be the same, and you're still feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and worn out.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Here's the thing, instead of thinking of breathing space in your calendar, a morning routine or a daily walk as tasks on your to-do list that you just...
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Take Back Control of Your Days and Life

Feb 03, 2022

There is a lot going on in the world – and likely your life right now – and sometimes it can feel like too much or that you don’t have any choice or that you just need to get through the day (day after day).

But this is your life we are talking about. Do you really want to just get through the day?

Remember, you always have a choice over your perspective, beliefs and actions. These shape how you experience things and where you end up on the other side.

I have a personal story to share today, but first I want you to know that you
 can make small, specific changes in your day that add up to big change.

But to truly transform and change your life, you need to start with a BIG SHIFT.

A big, bold decision that enough is enough and you are no longer willing to settle for the way things are.

To decide that you are not going to sacrifice what matters to you or feel overwhelmed every day.

And instead figure out how to have time and energy for what really matters...

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Celebrate Your Year

Dec 21, 2021

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your life and that you just didn’t accomplish what you set out to do this year?You are not alone. The end of the year can leave us feeling inspired for all that is to come or, like many, feeling like we didn’t accomplish many of our goals!Perhaps, this past year, you wanted to eat better, keep better boundaries, hit a sales goal, stop rushing around, get a promotion or finish a project that has been on your list forever.Perhaps you had something unexpected and hard happen in your life, such as being a working parent juggling work and online school, or the loss of a loved one, or just life in general feeling heavy.

For me, this has been a harder year with weeks of juggling online school and work, and the sudden death of my mom this Fall. But it has also been a wonderful year of growth and joy.

While it can be tempting to end the year with the narrative that you didn't succeed or it was just too hard, it is far more...

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Impatience Is A Sign You're Out Of Balance

Dec 15, 2021

When people think about work-life balance, they often think about time. 

But what about the ripple effect that happens when you're out of balance, such as your impatience with others?

I am not talking about everyday minor frustrations where you can still keep your cool (for the most part).

You will get annoyed, frustrated, and impatient at times – you are human, after all.

I am talking about the level at which you are annoyed or frustrated and how you react to it.

  • Are people "driving you crazy"?
  • Do you stop being kind to those who are frustrating you or often yell at your kids?
  • Are you reacting to those minor everyday frustrations in a way that isn't aligned with your values and the person you want to be, or is making things worse?

When I am more impatient with my husband and kids -- not being kind, losing my cool or yelling -- it's actually a cue for me that there is too much on my plate.

This is a rare occurrence now. But, a few years ago, it was an everyday...

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My Most Embarrassing Story

Dec 13, 2021
Find yourself so busy always ‘going, going, going’ and rushing from one thing to the next? You're not alone!

In this short video, you will hear about one story from years ago where I was SO distracted it led to something quite embarrassing (but trust me - it turned into something good . . . listen until the end for the real lesson). 

You know how hard it can be to balance your life when you already feel like there isn't enough time in the day and you're rushing from one thing to the next. 

That's why I created my workshop to discover how to focus your time and balance your life (without sacrificing performance) to help you figure it out. 

Sign up for the once-a-year virtual live workshop series to discover how to focus your time and balance your life (without sacrificing performance). Register here.

I can't wait to support you in your own shift!


P.S. In my next blog post, I will share my most regretful moment from back then that...

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The Perfect Storm

Dec 07, 2021

Our most significant growth can come from our most challenging times.For me, I would not be the calm, present, and balanced leader I am today if not for the period in my life of feeling so overwhelmed, distracted, and working far too much.In these next three blogs, I will share what life was like back then, along with my MOST embarrassing moment and most regretful moment.It was the perfect storm that led to a profound shift in how I showed up in my life.Want to make your own shift? This is what I’m covering in my upcoming workshop to focus your time and balance your life (without sacrificing performance). Click here to register.

To start, here’s a story about what life was like for me a few years ago that perhaps you can relate . . .Valerie, a young woman working at my kids’ daycare would often say how she thought my husband and I were the perfect "power couple".We'd be in our suits, smiling, strolling in together after work and, to her, we were the perfect...

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Are You Truly Appreciating The Day?

Nov 26, 2021
Earlier in 2021, I went through a period where I found myself feeling 'blah' each winter day. I would wake up with a sigh of “let’s just get through it”.
This was an old bad habit that I fell back into during a long stretch of online school, full schedule with work and months dragging on with the pandemic and not being able to be with people.
Then, one day, my husband and I were out for a walk at the lake. Strolling down an alley, I saw a sign on a cabin that said something like “Today is a great day to be alive”. I immediately realized what was missing for me.
Since that day, EVERY SINGLE MORNING before I get out of bed, I remind myself that “today is a great day to be alive”. I feel true appreciation for the day (even the past few months with my mom dying). This is the single most important habit I have had this past year.
You are alive. You are here. The people around you are here.
It is easy to forget...
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The Gas Tank Metaphor

Oct 29, 2021

How full is your gas tank right now? 

Listen to this clip from a September 2021 coaching session in 'The Balanced Leader' membership I run for busy leaders who want to become more balanced, stress less, and still perform at a high level.

Want to be notified the next time we are accepting new members? CLICK HERE for the details and join the waitlist.

All my best,


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